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We are a fishing and hunting club with approximately 200 members. Annually, we stock both trout and pheasant for our members. The Club owns lakefront property at the north end of Taunton Lake in Newtown, CT., where there is a boat ramp, a pavilion and boat storage areas for members. No gas engines are allowed on this scenic 125-acre spring fed lake. Taunton Lake has some excellent fishing, with abundant stocked trout, including some of trophy size. It is also an excellent largemouth and smallmouth bass lake, supporting naturally reproducing populations of these and other species.

The Club owns 155 acres in New Milford, CT which is excellent habitat for deer, turkey, pheasant, and other wild game. This property offers premier pheasant hunting and is regularly stocked twice weekly during the pheasant season. In addition to owned property, the Club leases over 1,000 acres located throughout Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield Counties. We lease a premier parcel in Southbury, CT which we believe is one of the finest pheasant cover that you will find in Connecticut.

To become a member, you must attend one of the scheduled Club Meetings. Applications are available at a general membership meeting, Membership Application or by contacting the Membership Chairman (see below). You will need a current member in good standing as a sponsor.  If you are new to the area or do not know any current Club members, you can request to be interviewed by a Board Member in lieu of a sponsored member. Meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the third Thursday of January, March, June, September and November in the Alexandria Room in the Edmund Town Hall, 45 Main Street, Newtown, CT.

Special discounts are available for active Military and individuals under 25 years of age. Children of Members aged 25 and under pay no initiation fee upon becoming full members and are charged for dues only. Other individuals who join when age 25 or less will receive a reduction on the initiation fee.

We encourage you to talk to current Members about the Club or contact any Board Member for further information.

Samantha Kuczko
Membership Chairman

Membership Application