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Our club's history...

Newtown Fish and Game Club, Inc. (NF&GC) was incorporated in the State of Connecticut on April 23, 1945.  Prior to the early 1940s, it was known as the Newtown Protective Association which was formed in the Winter of 1928.  Although 80 years have passed since a club was formed and Newtown has changed from a farming community to a suburban area, the club's objectives have stayed much the same.  The liberating of fish and birds, the support of local charitable organizations, and to help preserve our precious open space and the natural beauty and health of Taunton Lake, while providing our members sport and enjoyment.

During the late 1940s, NF&GC started a rapid growth under the leadership of Fred A. Schultz.  Fred stepped down as club President in 1970 after serving nearly 25 years.  With Fred at the helm, the Club grew from a small group of sportsmen to a club now limited to 400 members.  In 1978, Fred Schultz was made the First Honorary Life Member and remained active until his death in 1981.

David G. French was then elected President in 1970.  Activities were broadened greatly with the addition of a Kid's Fishing Derby, Club Breakfast on opening day of trout season, Annual Field Trials, and the formation of a Land Acquisition Fund which allowed for the purchase of 155 acres in New Milford, Connecticut.  Dave is a life member of our club and serves as an advisor.

Starting in 1998, David F. French followed his father to become Club President.  NF&GC continued to improve and progress under his leadership with major land improvements at Taunton Lake and New Milford property, construction of a pavilion at Taunton, purchase of 100 acres in Falls Village, and the expansion of our major fund raising Game Dinner which has hosted over 350 people.  Dave served as President until his untimely death in Fall of 2007.

In Fall of 2007, Vice President and long-time member Frank Hufner assumed responsibilities as acting President of the Newtown Fish and Game Club.  In 2008, Frank was elected Club President and serves in that capacity today.

Pavilion at Taunton Lake